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romeo ranjha

romeo ranjha



Romeo Ranjha is a 2014 Punjabi language Indian action comedy film Starring Jazzy B & Garry Sandhu written by Dheeraj Ratan, directed by Navaniat Singh, who also directed Singh vs Kaur. Romeo Ranjha is funded by Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu. This movie is deceving on 16 May 2014. This is the Debut movie of singing sensation Garry Sandhu Romeo Ranjha is now Romeo Ranjha




  •     Jazzy B as Romeo
  •     Garry Sandhu as Ranjha
  •     Parul Gulati
  •     Amannn Grewal
  •     Monica Bedi
  •     Rana Ranbir
  •     Yograj Singh
  •     Rana Jung Bahadur
  •     Sangha Jagir
  •     Producers – Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu
  •     Co Produced By – Hansraj Railhan
  •     Director Navaniat Singh
  •     Story & Screen Play – Dheeraj Ratan
  •     Action Director. Allan Amin
  •     DOP. Harmeet Singh
  •     Music Director. Jatinder Shah
  •     Coreographer. Mehul Gadani
  •     Editor – Manish More
Romeo and Ranjha lives in Punjab and went to Thailand to fulfill their dreams. In Thailand Romeo and Ranjha do search for their jobs. One day accidently they met each other and get very excited to know that they both are from Punjab and become good friends. They share common room. They do lot of fun there and enjoy the beauty very much. They work very hard and collect lot of money.
By the mean time, Ranjha falls in love with a girl named Preet who runs a refugee camp with the help of her maternal uncle. Preet introduce Ranjha with maternal uncle and he placed the condition in front of him that he can marry Preet only if he can do huge charity for refugees. Ranjha wants to marry preet so he cheated with his friend Romeo and take the whole sum of money they have earned together and shifted to some other place. After knowing this Romeo get hearted that Ranjha cheated with him and start searching Ranjha. After lot of days searching he get succeeded and met Ranjha.
Romeo ask about the money and Ranjha tells him that he also get cheated by Preet and her maternal uncle and now he has no money left with him. Romeo understands the condition and they both start searching them. After some days, they come to know that Preet and her Maternal uncle are in Punjab. They both take the flights and reached Punjab.
This is the entire film we have to shoot in Thailand and rest we shoot in India.

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